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Holiday Public Service Announcement (from your wise mind)


Holiday Public Service Announcement (from your wise mind)


Attention. This is a public service announcement from your wise mind, reminding you of what happens every year around this time. You know what I’m talking about. The holidays. Every year, you go in with the best intentions, ready for this year to be different, but all it takes is one sour look from your Mom or one comment from a sibling and pretty soon you're on your second bottle of chardonnay fretting over how your parents have never really supported you, how your brother looks down on you, and how Uncle John is, well, the worst person ever. But what if you tried to do things a bit differently this year? Sound impossible? You might be surprised. Here are some tips to help you separate yourself from all of those negative, unhelpful thoughts this year…

1. Remember that our brains are a bit of a mess: There’s a lot of stuff up there: your fears that the turkey won’t come out as well as when grandma used to make it, your political anxieties, memories of every time your mother-in-law has criticized your parenting, and a lots of other triggering stuff. Some of these thoughts are true, some are a little bit true, some are just plain false. The important thing to remember is that a thought’s “truth” isn’t necessarily an indicator of its worth. This year, ask yourself how helpful your triggering holiday thoughts have been for you over the years. And what has focusing on these thoughts ever done for you?

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